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Interior Painting & Decorating

Interior Painting & Decorating
Furze Platt Painter- Giving a fresh look to the inside of your home/office.

Floor Painting

Painter and Decorators Furze Platt – Delivering solutions for all types of flooring.

Exterior Painting & Decorating

Painters Furze Platt – Covering your external decorating needs.

Industrial Painting

Painters and Decorators Furze Platt – Specializing in construction and industrial commodities.

Floor Tiling

Decorators Furze Platt – A beautiful finishing touch with a newly laid floor.

Decorating Paint Effects

Furze Platt Painters and Decorators – For when you require additional details and effects.

We welcome your calls for a free quote without committing yourself. Contact Furze Platt Painter and Decorator now on 01628 882 216

Maidenhead Painting The Decorator Maidenhead – Our promise is to finish the job by your deadline, to the highest standard and with the least amount of commotion.

Our Time Served Furze Platt Decorators are able to finish painting jobs of all kinds with absolute excellence which range from Business Locations, Construction, Homes, Contract, Insurance, Remodelling, Renovation and plenty more.

Wanting greatly skilled Painting and Decorating Furze Platt for indoor and outdoor tasks, please contact us on 01628 882 216 to talk about our procedures and organise a quick, free quote at a convenient time, by attentive staff from Maidenhead Painting, The Furze Platt Painters.

Having doubts about the colour scheme? Unsure if now is the right time to decorate? Have you thought about your project but would like to talk it over with one of the most professional Painter Decorators Furze Platt has available then don’t delay in calling us now- the best Decorators in Furze Platt – Maidenhead Painting.

Trustworthy Painters for Painting Contracts, Homes, Business Locations, Paint Sprayer or Basic Painting and Decorating in Furze Platt can accomplish them!


Office, Retail and Homes finished in a just a weekend


No need to worry with our competing prices

Our Duty

We can fit our work around your timetable and you will be pleasantly surprised when you arrive at the end of each day to find a clean and tidy location.

There are not many local Painter and Decorators working from Furze Platt that provide a service which is totally individual, based on the desires of the client. Our goal is to have a delighted client and we almost always achieve our goal. If by any chance you are not satisfied with any part of our job, we will keep going until you are. This is how we stand out from others and this makes us the best providers in Maidenhead.

The reason for our triumph is a well-balanced mixture of certified and skilled Home and Business Painters and Decorators, working adaptable hours suiting the client, ensuring upmost standards by maintaining quality control.

So, regardless of your task; renovating an office, a shop, a flat, a block of flats or a mansion, a wall, a flight of stairs or anything you can imagine We at Maidenhead Painting are the ideal option. We arrange each project based on your necessities, your deadline and your schedule. This is carried out with the least amount of turmoil to your life. Your deadline is our deadline, not just an approximation.

If you have a need, or many needs for a Painter and Decorator contact Maidenhead Painting now and we will not let you down!

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