Window and Door Painting Service Maidenhead

Are you looking for window and door painting in Maidenhead? We are here to help you. We are a professional firm of painters and decorators in Maidenhead and windows and door painting is just one of the services that we offer. We have been providing home and office painting for over 19 years

You may be reading this thinking that painting windows and doors is a thing of the past. After all may homes have upvc windows and doors and you probably think that they can’t be painted? Well they can. In addition, many higher end homes have what are known as composite windows and doors.

Composite windows have either uPVC or aluminium outer frame and a wooden frame on the inside. In the past is was not possible to change the colour of uPVC window frames as the paint would flake and peel away. New paints available now make uPVC window painting possible and reliable.

We are domestic and commercial painters and decorators and one of the specialised services that we offer is painting window frames and doors. Window frame paint is oil based and requires that the uPVC window frames be specially prepared to take the paint.

It comes in the form of a spray paint so special equipment is required to apply it and adequate masking must be done before the window spraying begins. The weather conditions must be favourable so this is not the type of job to do on a windy or wet day. The same applies for door spraying.

I would love to say that it is easier to do door spraying, but because the door and door frames provide a greater surface area than window frames, imperfections in the uPVC spraying are much easier to see.

We would definitely recommend that if you are going to have your uPVC doors or windows painting you should look for an expert door and window painting specialist. Or you could call on us. We are your local window painters in Maidenhead and we will also paint back and front doors too.

If you have your wooden windows painting – give us a call. We are your local painting and decorating company in Maidenhead and we have over 19 years experience as the local doors and windows painter in Maidenhead. We will carry out all your internal painting and decorating as well as the exterior painting of your home or business premises.

If you are going to paint your front door or windows, it’s definitely worth paying a little bit more to have a professional window painter do the work for you. If you have any door repair needs or want to change the letter box or door handles, it’s is best to have this done ahead of the door painting and make sure to have any hinges adjusted before you apply any frame paint.

For inside decorating we do all your ceiling and wall painting, internal door painting as well as wallpaper hanging. We do both uPVC and wooden window painting and door painting too. For your external painting we take care of all the preparation work including any power washing that may be required.

We do all the painting door and windows, masonry and even fence painting. Garage doors and roller shutter doors can also be painted

Without spending a fortune we can transform the look of your home or commercial building with a fresh coat of paint. Painting the doors and windows alone can have a big impact on the appearance of your home. So if you are looking for window and door painting in Maidenhead please give us a call.

When you need professional decorating and painting in Maidenhead or the surrounding areas, call on us first for a free and no obligation quote and some friendly painting advice.

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