Wooden Floor Varnishing And Staining Maidenhead

Do you need a professional painter to do wooden floor varnishing in Maidenhead? We can help. We are a professional painting and decorating company who specialise in wood floor restorations.

When it comes to refinishing your floor we are the professionals to call on. Even though our business is based upon painting and decorating, we have several highly trained staff who work on nothing but sanding sealing and varnishing wood flooring.

One of the main reasons that people are reluctant to undertake wood floor restoration in their homes is because of the fear that dust will get everywhere. However we have invested heavily in the latest dust free machines that makes sanding and restoration much easier on our customers.

Now we can complete the sanding your floors without the need to seal up the doors. We have invested a lot of time and money in staff training especially around floor sanding and our customer feedback shows that it is paying off. We have earned a great reputation for floor restoration in Maidenhead and the surrounding areas.

If you need floor repair in Maidenhead call on us. We are able to complete almost any floor repairs from gap filling and repair of cracked or broken flooring. Repairing burn marks in wooden floors from hot coals around a fire hearth can be managed with our unique sanding process. And we can also help with fire hearth removal if that is required as part of a flooring restoration job.

When you need commercial floor sanding in Maidenhead we are here to help. Commercial flooring often requires more frequent restoration because of the nature and volume of footfall traffic. For your convenience we are able to offer you commercial floor restoration services out of hours so that your business does not have to be disrupted during the day.

Even though we are able to offer dust free sanding of wooden floors, it is not possible to seal and varnish hardwood flooring when your staff are present. When it comes to commercial floor sanding ad restoration it is usually best that this work is carried out overnight or at the weekends.

We have over 19 years of floor sanding experience and we work on all types of wood flooring. From the full range of hardwood flooring, engineered floors and parquet flooring. It is important to note that the sanding process is not the same for all types of flooring. The amount of wear and the hardness of the wood flooring will determine the rate of floor sanding.

The type of wood will also determine the floor sanding sealing process used. Depending on the type of hardwood floors, we may undertake waxing wood floors, oiling wood floors or floor varnishing. When it comes to varnishing wooden floors, you will have a choice of oil-based varnishes or water-based varnishing. We can provide you with a wide range of choices for floor finishing including floor staining for floors that have been faded by sunlight.

In addition to wood floor sanding, we can strip and sand stairs. Our floor sanding experience is second to none and there is no one better to protect your floor.

Call on us for your professional flooring restoration. Whether you need sanding, seal or help repairing your floor – call us. You’ll be happy you did.

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